Ever been in a gym and think man why did I come today? Not because you don’t want to remain fit and exercise but because of the people present in the gym. I have personally been to a lot of gyms to fight my constant battle with obesity but sometimes people make the experience quite bad, you may agree there are a lot of people which make going to the gym a horrible experience let’s see who these people are?

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Let’s start off with those who don’t take care of their hygiene and are guilty of bad gym etiquette, they share others water, towels and don’t use deodorants. This may cause infections to spread. Then there are people who are always standing in the same spot in front of a mirror, with dumb bells thrown around them and claim they are using all of them. People should be friendly and help each other out as everyone at the gym, have the same objective of getting and remaining fit. I hate it when I am rushing into a work out and I have to find the weights or the dumb bells because people don’t know how to clean up after themselves or are just brats.

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Gyms now have shirt on policy so that, people don’t take off their shirts and sweat all over them gym floor or carpet increasing the risk of bacteria. Singing in the gym is also should not be done, it may distract people, you should get pumped up because of music and sing in your head and not be a nuisance for others around you, it’s all about caring for others. Moreover, the person who’s always texting or talking is also a pain in the head. I was reading somewhere that a typical person who goes to the gym, texts around 35 percent of each sweat session and this constant interruption makes you lose your form and hinders in the process.

There are people who want your attention and may do this by shouting or loud grunts, desperate and then there are the know it all. The know it all is the worst, he would come to you and give guidance if you don’t even want it, each body is different, I might also see somebody else doing something and then try it out but the best thing is to ask a professional. Getting too close is irritating and can result in dropped weights which could affect in an injury. And last but not the least the person who’s always taking pictures and posting about exercising while in reality he just does a 5 minute cardio is the worst. If you are looking for nearby gyms then why not contact We Sell gym.

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