Procrastination is a trait that mankind inherently possesses, and it’s not a good one. Procrastination may seem the better option at present, having fun and enjoying yourself rather than working out, but in hindsight, it is extremely detrimental.

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Most people do obtain gym memberships, but that is the easy part. A survey suggests that an estimated 67% of those with a gym membership never visit the gym and even if some of them do, they average only two times a week.


If someone has come to this article with hopes that it will magically transport them in the middle of the gym, they have been sorely misled. There is no influence in this world that could force you to get up and walk straight into a gym, the only one able to do that is you. The only thing anyone else can do is tell you of the benefits that going to the gym entails.

It’s Healthy

As obvious as it may seem, going to the gym has numerous benefits as it is already the first step to a healthier lifestyle. Physical activity keeps the body active and burns ?????

Stress Relief

The gym is the perfect getaway after a difficult and stressful day at the office or home. The physical exertion provides a path to channel your aggression in an effective and efficient manner, without the usual adverse consequences as in the case of yelling at the boss instead.


Live Longer

Everyone desires to live longer, and in context, going to the gym to achieve that is a pretty great offer. The healthier your lifestyle, the longer you live; and if you gain some muscle doing so, I don’t see anyone complaining.


A Toned Body

99% of the population views the gym as the arena to fight off the extra calories or that excessive layer of fat they developed after that thanksgiving dinner. This endeavor has two benefits: It does help you develop a lean or even buff framework, and it simultaneously makes you more attract overall. This generally provides you with a confidence boost which can come in handy in absolutely any walk of life, so I guess that would be a third very major benefit.



There has always existed a dilemma between socializing and engaging in an alternatively productive activity, who knew you could get a two in one deal with them. You can now enjoy with your friends at the gym while at the same time be productive with your exercise regimen.


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