You know sometimes when you play a video game; you get that feeling that had you known these newly discovered tips and tricks before you started playing, you could have done a lot better from the start, and you just restart the game feeling like and enlightened sage. So this time around you get the most out of all those opportunities you let go by due to your lack of expertise.

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This tactic of repetition can be quite easily witnessed every time you face a boss battle. You always take try after try in order to learn the patterns and the code; eventually when you realize it, it all seems like a breeze.


This is no different from getting into shape. Every time we make an effort to exercise and get fit, we learn more about our capabilities and disabilities, more about how the controls work. We might have made some progress with plan A, but plan B failed miserably. If we give up at the gym, we know more about its inner workings when we come back to it. We overcome that initial fear of vulnerability that some feel when they have to exercise in public.

Every time you attempt a do over, you get closer to the point of making it work. You know those days like the 1st of January, when you say to yourself that today is the day things change; they are actually more helpful than you would think. These land marks of sort, set boundaries to the passage of time, thus creating a mental accounting period which gives us a much greater sense of realization and motivation to achieve more this time around. We are allowed to look at today as our first day for the rest of our lives – everything up to that point has all become a thing of the past, and only exists as an indicator of our old selves.

This new version moves forward, it levels up, and it makes decisions with a different approach than the old version of us did. A study highlights that these fresh starts have a limited effect, an effect that doesn’t last forever. That’s why the utility of it becomes all the more important while we have it.

Unlike games, we don’t die and respawn so a restart in that manner is out of the question, unless this article is being read in another century altogether that is.


What you must do to get a fresh start is to separate yourself from the old you. You should not let the failures of your past self dissuade you. You must learn to capitalize on the momentum by using your sheer willpower to drive your new me towards the trajectory that you wish to pursue, you must do it while that sense of vitality persists.

If all else fails, you can always fail differently, as there is no better teacher than failure. After a couple of tries, you’re always bound to get a hang of it.


Now that you know more, maybe you could Find a gym in USA to go try out this new technique and see how much of a difference it makes.

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