I have always been a gym fanatic, and try my level best to eat healthy and remain fit through exercise but sometimes going to the gym feels a tad bit tough. Still I motivate myself and look at the objective in mind however the real question is how to remain clean, hygienic and infection free at a place which is being used by millions of people. This may also be in your mind because while using different machines I do get conscious of these things, but don’t panic, I have for you some interesting ways of how you can remain healthy while getting healthy, pun intended.

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When you are playing sports or are in the gym exercising on different machines which other people have used earlier there will be germs, because of all the body sweat. Bacteria, viruses and infections thrive in gyms, locker rooms and fitness centers, so the last thing you want is to get sick while trying to get fit. According to research its very common for people to get skin diseases in places like gyms, the first thing to do is to never share towels, soaps and equipment. So the aim should be to use clean machines, spray bottle and paper towels are mostly provided at gyms and can be used to wipe off sweat, by disinfecting the places that will be in constant contact with your body.


According to a study at the US center for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics and equipment acts as a breeding ground for it, so a wipe is necessary before using machines. This is why good hygiene is essential to stay healthy, otherwise you will get affected. It’s good to take a shower after exercise but you should take your own sanitary stash like soap, towel etc. It’s also important to wash your gym clothes every day, secondly as you now exercise every day you sweat more so the amount of showering should also increase. If you have a minor skin cut or scrape it should be covered with a dry bandage.

Why you ask? Well you won’t get an infection and you won’t give an infection to anyone as well. Furthermore, one should enjoy the exercise he/she does because if you don’t love what you do you won’t be able to do it, that’s my experience. Create your own set of exercise and thrive at it. You have to be clean and hygienic but don’t make it affect you that much that you get scared and don’t go to a gym, just try to stay clean and participate fully. I try not to take a shower at the gym as my home is near but doctor’s advice that after exercise even if u don’t take a shower you should wash your hands before you leave gym.

Exercise adds value to your life, it should not be something which you don’t want to do, it should be the other way around. If you are looking to stay healthy, mentally, physically and financially then why not log onto We Sell Gyms and find a Gym for Sale near you.

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