One meal of cooked noodles, rice or cereal is about ½ cup. But only a few of us make it a practice to have a standard baking cup in our carrying bag or pocket, a visual or “eyeball” estimate is more realistic. A half-cup of rice looks like half a tennis ball whereas a half cup of noodles looks similar to a whole tennis ball.

One meal equals the one slice of bread, one little bagel, one little hamburger roll, and one-ounce ready-to-eat cereal.

A famous nutritionist and dietician, Sanirose Orbeta, said me during a call that a slice of bread mentioned by the makers of the U.S. Food pyramid was based on a typical American slice.

About six servings of carbs are suitable for a 1,600-calorie diet, nine servings for 2,200 calories and 11 servings for 2,800. How can you calculate how many calories you need?


It was calculated that the average built Filipino female needs about 1,900 calories while males need 2,100 calories to maintain their weight.

However, Orbeta says that Filipinas who need to burn their fat should eat only 1,200 to 1,300 calories per day while males should take not take more than 1,500 calories.

Practically, this means that if you are a female who needs to burn fat, you only need about three to four meals of carbs per day.


If the person who wants to lose weight is a male, he only needs to add two more slices of bread or ½ cup of rice to the example above to complete his daily servings.

If you desire to maintain your weight, change your carbohydrate intake accordingly. You will also need to make some alterations if the “average Filipino build” for a male or female doesn’t suit you. Decrease the number of servings if you are too small or increase the number of servings if you are too big. Just keep in your mind to be conservative in your “alterations”. Don’t use this as an excuse to eat more than you require.

Also, diabetic or insulin resistant people shouldn’t follow these recommendations. In this case, registered dietician or nutritionist should be consulted for a recommendation of appropriate servings for you.


Not Realizing That There Is “Hidden Fat” In Some Carbohydrate Foods

Some people take the right amount of servings and serving sizes but they don’t know that there is a lot of fat “hiding” in the carbs they are taking. A good example is a pasta with Alfredo sauce because this mixture sauce contains fat. Fat is not just fattening in itself but as it contains more calories per gram so small amounts can instantly increase the number of calories than you require. Croissants, doughnuts, French fries, and oil-popped popcorn also contain hidden fat. There was a client who said she only had two small pan de sals for breakfast. She forgot to tell that sandwiched in between each pan de sal contained a great amount of butter.


Most people of the Gyms near me in USA complain that they aren’t losing fat rather they do high-intensity exercises for weight loss. The main reason of this is that their diet is having more quantity of carbs and fats.