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You have perhaps heard the idea that food should not be consumed after a definite time of night. This idea is usually followed by a statement that diet will “sit” on your digestive all the way through the night and make it tougher to burn away. Maybe you have received it said that it is very unhealthy to consume late at night. Whatever the holdup or reason for saying you should not eat late at night-time, it is time to place the discussion to rest and ask, “How late is too late to have food?”

Let’s put the discussion into viewpoint.

Person #1

A person eats fast or junk food at 6:30 PM. His or her meal comprised of a fries, burger, and soda which is roughly 1000 calories at least. They do not consume a single food item all through the night after 6:30, drives to sleep and get up prepared to start the day and have breakfast.


Person #2

A person eats a home-cooked food comprising of grilled chicken, some dinner rolls, a vegetable, and drinks water around 10:30 PM, Person #2 is about to go to sleep, but they touch a little starving. They go to the storeroom and eats some nuts and perhaps some fruit or yogurt.

Who do you think is going to have a relaxed time keeping or losing weight if this sort of eating activity lasts on a consistent basis? Person #2 stands a much superior chance. The earlier example is pretty black and white, particularly because the evaluation was between fast food and a home-cooked meal containing grilled chicken. But even if you linked two people eating healthy food items, and one consumed nothing after 6:30, and the other consumed a food before bed, would your answer variation? It might because you could be directed to believe all the hype you have heard about intake late causing weight difficulties.

Bottom Line:

Your body digests calories when they are consumed. If you have too many calories, and you don’t burn them off with a workout, you will increase weight. If you eat a lesser amount of calories, like the amount mentioned, and you exercise frequently, you will not have a weight problematic. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you consume. It is all about how much you consume and what kind of food you are placing into your body.


It is all about a lifestyle. Your meals should be spread equally during the day anyway, so if you catch yourself eating smaller servings 5 or 6 times a day, and one of those times arises an hour before bed, do not beat yourself up. It is never too late to consume. Pay attention to your body. Do not eat if you are not starving, but if you are increasing your calories out as the time goes on, it is ok to get the ultimate calories of the day at night.

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