The dog days of summer are ahead of us. More daylight is huge but brutal heat…not so much. Do not let great temperatures toss you off the fitness wagon. Stay in the game, safely, with these tips.

Stay hydrated this one is nearly everyone basic. Performance suffers from still slight dehydration, but that is not the only reason to drink up. Water helps you put back fluids lost with sweating. Replacement fluids (water if you exercise less than an hour, sports drinks if you exercise longer) help reduce the risk of heat-related illness brought on by dehydration. Do not wait to await you feel dizzy or lightheaded, sip water throughout your exercises.

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Get the right gear there is an expression that goes, “cotton is rotten.” Avoid it like the plague in extreme temperatures. Once you start to sweat you will feel like you are wearing a heavy, wet towel – gross. Instead, opt for damp wicking material. These wonder fabrics remain clothes moving freely, instead of peeled to your skin with sweat. They also feel quite breezy so you will stay cooler.

Protect yourself do not skip the fundamentals. Apply sunscreen and wear a hat or visor all time you exercise outdoors. Look for sports lotions that continue put yet when you sweat heavily. Follow the manufacturer’s advice about reapplication. Lapses in coverage know how to put you at risk for skin cancer, smooth if you have dark skin.

Move on the margins avoid drumming the pavement during the hottest part of the day. Instead, if you are a morning person acquire out there before eight. The evening can work for workouts, too. Have a light dinner and head out after seven. Worried about safety? Gather up the gang, or a number of neighbors for a nighttime running/walking club. There is safety in numbers and studies show better adherence at what time you add a pal. You will work out added consistently, get better results and have more fun while you are at it.

Hit the park is there a park in your community with lots of trees? If so, head there. The trees container serves as a canopy of sorts to provide a small protection from the hot sun.


Take frequent breaks:

Extreme heat makes the work out a bit harder. When the mercury increases give you the authorization to take it a little stress-free. Turn down the intensity on your regular workout and add in frequent rest breaks or at least periods of lower intensity.


Take a swim who says you have to sweat it out in the heat? Swimming is exercise. Head for the pool and get a small number of laps in. You’ll get your heart rate up and stay cool while you do. You can also move your routine indoors. Sign up for that class you have been meaning to try or hit the treadmill instead of the hiking trail.

More daylight hours and less rigid schedules make summer the perfect time to get active. Don’t let high temps stop you. Use attention, technique, and the exact gear to work out carefully even in the course of the dog days of summertime.


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